Sample Resumes for Banking

Disruption has come to many industries however banking still stands and is expected to grow. Working in finance is exciting and challenging, landing a job in finance will most likely guarantee your career will grow steadily and happily.

Finance is a demanding field with quite a competitive candidates pool. If you want to grow within the industry, make sure your resume is top-notch and is capable of both beating the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and impressing the recruitment manager.

Sample Resumes for Banking

What makes a great banking/finance field resume?

  • It is clear.
    The format and layout are clean, neat and well organized. The information you want to emphasize is listed first and is easily accessible by the recruitment officer.
  • It uses quantifiable data.
    There is nothing worse than a resume of someone working in the baking industry with a lot of banalities and "fluff". Finance is all about numbers and numbers should be the first priority on your resume.
  • It has a summary.
    Summary immediately helps bring attention to the strongest feature of the resume (Mortgage Banking) and emphasizes candidate's experience.
  • It is easy to look at.
    A writer has removed a lot of additional information in case of this applicant because a lot of it was irrelevant. There is no need to list every responsibility you had on a daily basis. Actually, we would advise against it. Stick to the juiciest and most important actions that have measurable results.

If you feel like your resume is not up to the current banking standards, allow our writers to revise it and create a perfect marketing document, packed with keywords and ready to beat ATS and impress the recruitment manager.