Sample Resumes for Recent Graduate/Intern

There is nothing more exciting for a Fresh Graduate than to apply for his or her real-paying job for the first time. However, standing out from others may be quite a struggle, especially that the first stage of the hiring process of your dream company is profiling and paper screening.

Sample Resumes for Recent Graduate and Intern

Here are some tips to help you make an outstanding resume that will lead to your first job offer:

  • Make it very simple.
    Many fresh grads tend to overdo their resumes, and it never plays well with recruiters. Don't write too much "fluff" and always remember that your resume is your personal marketing project.
  • Don't ignore your part-time jobs.
    Do not forget to include your previous internship and part-time jobs if there were any. A good resume writer can spin babysitting or helping in your parents' store into a great career story. To do any job, even seemingly routine one, individual will always need to develop a set of skills. What those skills are and how to describe them best in your resume - that's up to you and your writer
  • Add a Summary.
    Make sure that your content showcase what skills you really have. Make an impact with your professional summary and don't be afraid to brag a little.
  • Keep format in mind.
    The format should be clear: go with the simple black font, use bullets or bold font to highlight the most important skills/responsibilities.
  • Include awards and trainings you've attended.
    Recruiters always prefer a candidate who invests time and effort into their own growth. Know a foreign language? Took an extra course in college? List those things!
  • Don't ignore your academic achievements.
    Resume of a fresh graduate is probably one of the few where it is appropriate and even required to list your academic successes first. Don't think for a minute that your lacking work experience is an issue; showcasing your academic success can be as effective.

Need some help or consulting? Our professional resume writers have all been students once. They understand the importance of finding that first serious job, the stress and excitement of applying and landing that offer.