Why Should Your
Resume Be ATS-Optimized?

ATS-Optimize Your Resume to Get Better Chances at Being Shortlisted for a Position You Desire

Nowadays, recruiters are no longer the ‘first eyes’ to review a job application. This is especially true for big-name corporations that need to fill numerous open job positions quickly. When you apply at these companies, your application papers will likely go through an applicant tracking system (ATS) before a recruiter or hiring manager reads through it.

What is an ATS and how does it work?

An ATS is a software application that can sort through thousands of resumes very quickly to find potential job candidates. These systems primarily use keyword matching to scan and score resumes, similar to how a search engine ranks websites. The more keywords you hit, the higher score you’ll get, and the better your chances of being shortlisted will be. ATS is primarily there to help recruiters and HRs streamline their hiring process, store large swaths of applicant data, and organize and pre-screen candidates.

What does ‘ATS-optimized’ mean?

ATS assists in filtering and ranking resumes, but it is highly unlikely for a resume to be deleted or eliminated by it, which in turn means that there is no “beating ATS”. That being said, having an ATS-optimized resume will increase your chances of being shortlisted and identified as a potentially suitable candidate. ATS optimization includes analyzing and adding relevant keywords, making sure your document is formatted correctly, and that all essential elements can be easily parsed and read by an ATS.

What are the key pieces of information that should be included for an ATS check?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to ATS, as different companies and positions set different requirements and conditions. With that in mind, you also need your resume to consider not only ATS algorithms but recruiters and hiring managers as well. And so, your resume needs to:

  • Be written uniquely for each and every company you apply to
  • Be formatted simply yet effectively
  • Contain vital keywords based on the job description
  • Address job requirements directly
  • Highlight crucial details in your work experience

Why should you get a professional writer to optimize your resume?

ATS optimizing a resume requires in-depth knowledge of how these systems work. A professional resume writer will know what to include in your resume and how to structure it properly so that information is conveyed in a focused and cohesive manner. If you feel your profile is not getting prioritized due to ATS, it might be time to seek an expert’s help.

Applicant Tracking Systems are here to stay, and there is not much you can do about them except to understand how they work and how to best optimize your resume not to be overlooked by them.

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