Sample Resumes for Customer Service

Customer Service industry is becoming increasingly competitive due to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence. A lot of tasks can now be automated, and if you really want a great career in this sphere, your resume should be a stand-out one. The industry is projected to grow, the core skills requirements, however, will be slowly changing, and your resume should capture this.

Sample Resumes for Customer Service

Why does this Customer Service resume stand out?

It uses active verbs to describe responsibilities:

  • Planned
  • Defined
  • Conducted
  • Designed
  • Developed
  • Coordinated

Active verbs are a secret weapon of professional resume writers. It makes a significant impact on the reader and makes the candidate sound strong and confident.

  • It lists Core Expertise areas to beat ATS (Applicant Tracking System).
    Customer Service jobs get screened through ATS more than any other. The demand is always high, applications plenty and recruiters simply do not have the time to look through all of the resumes. So ATS comes to the rescue. It is essential to have your resume keyword-optimized to pass the ATS screening.
  • It is short.
    Don't be afraid of a one-page resume. The one above is short but packed with useful information and easily measurable achievements.

A perfect resume for a Customer Service position shouldn’t be only about soft skills. Trust our writers with creating a resume that works.