Sample Resumes for Advertising/Marketing

Creativity in every aspect of life never gets boring. In applying for a job, not only you are expected to know the how's and what's of companies but rather advertise yourself professionally and adequately as well.

Advertising and Marketing are two broad areas of expertise, but they are very much related to one another just like they both require creativity as a function.

Sample Resumes for Advertising and MarketingSample Resumes for Advertising and Marketing

Here are tips on how to write a standout Advertising/Marketing professional resume:

  • Create a Portfolio.
    If you are looking for a creative position in marketing or advertising avoid creativity in your resume but do add a link to your digital portfolio. If you don't have one but want to start building it our blog article Portfolio Building For Your Profession (link here - ) can help you with that.
  • Don't be too shy.
    Do not be afraid to mention names of brands or campaigns you have worked on, always be detailed about how exactly you have contributed to them.
  • Put valuable information first
    Always include the most significant clients you have worked with per company as a reference on projects you have worked on.
  • Work on the layout.
    Remember that layout is the key and pay attention to using bullets to list your skills, putting job descriptions into blocks and listing your most prominent achievements first.
  • Add a Summary/Objective.
    In Summary, you can subtly include both your strongest features as well as your career objective or goal.

Where to add your Portfolio? How to brag without sounding obnoxious? Our writers will happily and readily assist you in creating an impactful resume in Advertising field.