Sample Resumes for HR / Recruitment

One of the hardest jobs to get is a job where you find other people jobs. If you think about it, when applying for a job in HR and recruitment, you are sending in a resume to people who spend their lives reading resumes. In short, you need something snappy and concise, and that is written by an experienced professional.

Sample Resumes for HRSample Resumes for HR

What makes a successful HR/Recruitment resume?

  • A strong emphasis on fundamentals
    Keep it as simple as possible to show that you know what you are doing. Bluster and exaggeration are fine so long as you keep it as simple as you can without it cresting over into basic.
  • Coming across as somebody who follows the rules
    You wouldn’t think that following the rules was a big deal in this industry, but employers have to deal with people who often think they are maverick, so are always looking for people who follow the rules without question.
  • Having your resume written by a professional
    These are the types of jobs where anybody who is not a professional resume writer is at a disadvantage. In which case, either you spend hundreds of hours learning how to write a resume like an expert, or you allow an expert to do it for you. Otherwise, your resume will look like every other resume that the recruitment company or HR department sees on a regular basis.

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