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Sometimes you have a well-done resume, but your cover letter writing skills are lacking. Do you know that rule of thumb for a cover letter is “the shorter - the better”? Your cover lettershould not restate or rehash your resume. Our writers will use this invaluable tool to explain your resume and turn it into a sales pitch for your skills and achievements.


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What is it that makes a cover letter writing service so perfect for writing a cover letter? What is it that makes a writing service a better choice than writing it yourself? The answer is “Dispassion.” What matters to you does not matter to your future employer, and what you feel strongly about has little bearing on their decision to hire you. In other words, unless you know what motivates your employer, you need to write your cover letter with a fair amount of dispassion.

Some people write cover letters, and you can almost taste the frustration in their words because they have written so many and gotten nowhere. Other times, a person’s attempts to be professional makes it appear cold and appear as if the applicant does not want the job. An expert cover letter writer can write with dispassion, with an even temper, and with a professional outlook, and we do exactly that for every candidate we help, which is why our cover letter writing service 2019 is still going strong.

Leave it to the experts

Our writers know how to write a cover letter for an internship, or how to write a general cover letter. We are able to match your needs and requirements for the job you desire, and we write in a manner that draws attention without coming across as attention seeking. Nobody is saying you are failing to get your dream job because of your cover letters, but if your cover letter lets you down by even 1%, then it needs fixing and tightening up.

Consistently good cover letter writing service

Our writing services are of the highest standard, and we do not deviate in terms of quality or production. Many writing services offer an okay service one day and a terrible service the next day. People trust us because we are dependable.

We screen and test our writers before we hire them, and every one of our writers has English ashis or her first language. Many of our writers are educated up and beyond degree level, and every writer has industry experience, which is why our cover letters are so effective.

Getting to the point without seeming needy

A sad fact is that most cover letters appear either cold or needy. They appear cold because the writer states a simple fact or two and that is it, which is fine, but it doesn’t show any enthusiasm for the job.

On the other end of the scale are people who wish to sway the reader, but only manage to appear desperate in their attempts to create an engaging cover letter. The point is to create a cover letter that draws attention and gets results, but it is hard to do that without appearing needy. That is why people trust our cover letter service. We are able to create cover letters that draw people in, grab their attention, and send a message. Our cover letters are memorable without being over the top, and they are attention-grabbing without being attention-demanding.

Pay Securely with Full Confidentiality

To save on legal work, we simply keep all our customer’s information private. We do not worry about the legality of keeping your name or sharing your information with marketers because we do not share information period. As a consequence, ours is the most confidential cover letter writing service in the industry, and there is no chance of a spammer or hacker seeing your private information.

An extension of our privacy and security is lent to our shopping cart and payment portal. We use bank-level encryptions, information is transmitted through a secured private network, and we have full control over who has access to your payment or your personal information.

Our cover letter are not rewritten

Some cover letter writers will reuse the same content over and over again, but that is not the way we do business. We create a cover letter that is 100% original, and that is tailor-made for your circumstances, your job prospects, and for you as a person.

We always meet our deadlines, and our satisfaction guarantee ensures that if you are not happy, we will re-write your CV as many times as needed. All our writers have industry experience, which means they know what to write to get results, so you can rest assured knowing that all our work is unique and custom-written.

Can we lower our prices?

Some people quote other resume writing services and ask if we can match their low prices. The fact is that we cannot charge the lowest prices because our staff is handpicked for their experience, their brilliance, and their raw intellect. We have to pay good wages in order to keep our stellar team, which means we cannot charge the lowest prices.

On the other hand, for your money, you get the work of an expert, you get a cover letter writing service that has not been rewritten, and you get an effective tool to help you get jobs and earn internships. People who use our services will often come back years later when they want another job, or when they want a promoted position, and they come back to us because they know they are getting the best possible service for their money.

Cover letter writing tips

The best tip is that you should try to avoid anything that the HR department or hiring manager has read hundreds of times before. People are often inclined to say the same things, and it grinds the gears of the person trying to read it.

Ironically, the opposite is also true. People who try to write something a little different or quirky will often write the same different and quirky thing that the last dozen applicants wrote. It is not possible to strike a balance between writing the same as everybody else and trying to be quirky, so you need to try a fully different approach.

The best approach is to reference yourself directly. In your cover letter, you need to mention the things about you that are your strongest selling points, and that way, your cover letter will not resemble the next person who applies.

Unrestricted use of our cover letters

Buy a tailor-made cover letter from our cover letter service, and it is owned by you both in real terms and copyright terms. What's more, many of our cover letters may be adapted and changed to suit different circumstances and different jobs.

There are no restrictions on the use of our cover letters. If you are writing a cover letter for internship opportunities, then use our cover letter writing service and let us help you. If you are writing a letter for your next job, then use our service, see what we write, see if you can improve it, and send it off. The worst-case scenario is that you learn something new.

Our writers are in the top tier in their industry, they are qualified, they all have experience, and they all have English as their first language. Try our services, and you will be surprised by how effective our team is when writing cover letters.

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