Sample Resumes for Hospitality / Tourism & Travel

With jobs as wide-ranging as a hotel manager, travel executive, or wedding planner, getting your feet through the door and off to a flying start is the only thing that will propel your career in the hospitality & travel industry. Employers crave experience, and if you do not have it, then you need a compelling resume to sell your other qualities. The world can be yours if you get off to the right start.

Sample Resumes for HospitalitySample Resumes for Hospitality

What makes a successful Hospitality / Tourism & Travel resume?

  • Making the most of the experience you have
    It is imperative that a resume is plumped up in terms of experience because some employers will only care and bother about the experience, so it is essential that experience is exaggerated and emphasized.
  • Demonstrating people skills
    People are the lifeblood of the industry, and the difference between a good resume and a winning resume is the subtle infusion of quality, especially when it is centered around how good you are with other people. Obviously, you need to back up your claims when you get your interview by being charming and by being pleasant company.
  • Explaining your organizational experience and talents
    Your resume needs to show that you have organizational abilities, and it needs to be highlighted because excellent organizational skills are always a benefit in the hospitality, tourism and travel industry.

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