Sample Resumes for Information Technology

IT industry is a fantastic choice! You will be front and center of all the technological progress and, let's face it, you will probably never have a lack of offers and positions.

Self-education and growth are very important in IT field resume, and your document should show it. Many industry skills (most, actually) are not taught in school. Also, don't be afraid to add some soft skills. Many IT professionals are known to be too individualistic and sometimes challenging to work with. Build a resume that dispels the myth.

If you are looking to switch to IT industry the sample below will really help you structure your resume in a way that catches recruiter's eye.

Sample Resumes for Information Technology

Here is why this resume works:

  • It starts with the list of your technical proficiencies.
    It is crucial to put your best leg first. List your most relevant technical skills first.
  • It is brief and neat.
    As with most resumes in most industries do not overload yours with fluffy statements. Use precise phrase and active verbs along with keywords that help your resume easily pass Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • The layout helps emphasize your skills.
    Use bullets to list your responsibilities and tasks. Use headings to separate professional experience from education and summary.

Is your resume a fixer-upper? Does it need a bit of polishing? Our writers will happily edit and format your resume to fit the best IT industry standards.