Social Networking as a Way to Find a Job

Social media has certainly evolved. More than a way to connect with friends and family, it is now a tool for business, networking and more.

Even job hunters can benefit from social media. With a little know-how from our resume writing service, you can effectively use social networking for job search to great effect!

social networking for job search


As the premier job search platform, LinkedIn is the first social networking tool that job hunters should focus on. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile yet, now’s the time to start. Those with an existing one need to take steps to make your profile more ‘proactive.’ Here’s what you should do to incorporate your LinkedIn profile into your social networking for job search:

Use a professional-looking photo — your profile photo should only be a headshot, so nothing below your shoulders. Make sure you wear something that’s appropriate for professionals in your field. Your background should only be a single plain color, and only you should appear in your photo. Do not include pets, children, or objects.

Complete your profile — write your LinkedIn profile as you would your resume, with the goal of providing prospective employers with detailed info on your skillsets and work experiences. Highlight key experiences in your professional summary.

Grow your network — build your network by connecting with co-workers, managers, and companies past and present, as well as those you’re interested in. The bigger your network, the more opportunities you’ll have for social networking your way to a new job.


As the number one social media site, there’s no doubt that Facebook makes a great job hunting tool as well. And some of FB’s new features are actually designed to aid in social networking for job search. Here’s what you need to do to optimize your FB for your job hunt:

Polish your page — your first order of business is to clean up your account and get rid of or hide objectionable content. Nowadays, it’s common practice for recruiters and HR managers to check out the applicant’s public profiles. Impress them further by regularly creating and sharing your own content pertaining to your industry.

Know your way around the Facebook ‘Jobs’ tab — the Facebook ‘Jobs’ tab lets you search all job listings by location, industry, skill, and job type. Use the filters to find a job that suits your skills, then click the ‘Apply Now’ button on those that interest you. After you complete the details on the application form that pops up, simply hit the ‘Send’ button and wait for your reply.

Be professional at all times — Facebook has always been a great place for all things social, but you have to be careful what you post or share on it because these can work against you. Avoid sharing inappropriate content, badmouthing past employers, and hurling other forms of negativity online. Remember that potential employers are checking on you.


Part of any social networking job search tool these days, Twitter is a great way to let recruiters know the ideas and thoughts that preoccupy your mind at and outside of work. Here’s how to find and land your dream career in 280 characters or less:

Show off your other content — do you have a personal website or blog that showcases your portfolio? By sharing or mentioning links and posts from these sites on your Twitter profile, you bring more attention to your abilities, which can be useful during those recruiter background checks.

Get recommendations — hashtags, such as #JobSearch, #JobHunt, #NowHiring, and #FF, are a great way for job hunters to connect with various industry professionals. Leverage these hashtags to increase your chance of getting the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

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