​Top 10 Tech Companies to Work For

We are now living in a fully digital age, and technology plays a bigger role in our lives today more than ever. Job-wise, this means that occupations in the tech industry are experiencing unprecedented high demand. Are you interested in working in tech? Last December, Jobsite Glassdoor released its list of top 100 best tech companies to have on your resume. To view the complete list, click here. We cut down to the chase and reveal Glassdoor's top 10 below.


Love games? Working at NVIDIA means you'll have access to some of the latest gaming products and technology. The company is widely known for designing graphics processing units for computer games, but it also builds GPUs for the professional and cryptocurrency sectors, as well as system-on-a-chip (SoC) units for the mobile phone and automotive market. One Glassdoor reviewer claims that NVIDIA one of the best tech companies to have on your resume for because of the great benefits and work-life balance they offer employees.

9. DocuSign

DocuSign provides electronic signature technology to businesses of any size, allowing them to virtually sign, send, and manage documents remotely, from any Internet-capable device, anywhere in the world. "Everyone I have met during my time at DocuSign has been kind, considerate, and generally happy people," claims one Glassdoor reviewer. Aside from great co-workers, a few other noteworthy perks of working with the company include quality products, a strong corporate foundation, and rapid growth.

8. LinkedIn

Every professional's favorite social media channel finds its way to this list of best tech companies to have on your resume for this year. The main attraction for many of its employees is the abundance of free food available at the location via the multiple food stalls onsite, from coffee bars to juice bars, to ice cream bars and more. However, free food alone is not enough reason for a company to be called great, and LinkedIn is on this list is because of it's the extraordinary vision of its CEO Jeff Weiner, competitive health benefits, and enviable company culture, among many others. For a company known for restructuring the job-search landscape, these job incentives sure make perfect sense.

7. Salesforce

Salesforce is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that helps businesses improve their customer service with its cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform. As for its on-the-job perks, Salesforce prides itself of, it upheld measures that ensure any employee from any level is allowed to contribute ideas to its success. The company also prioritizes equality and diversity in the workplace while providing its employees with fitness benefits, flexible work-from-home schedules-and plenty of free food.

6. SAP

A multinational business application software company, the SAP culture places a strong focus on teamwork and empathy, with every personnel from the top down making sure that they are available to answer questions and assist in any way. "Our senior leadership walks the walk and talks the talk, in that you can see SAP's core values demonstrated in their actions," says one employee. Besides the superb work environment, SAP also flaunts a strong 401(k) matching program, flexible work hours, and generous benefits package.

5. Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software is responsible for the HR software that many large international conglomerates use, including UltiPro Recruiting, an applicant tracking system that has probably scanned and denied your resume before (learn how to beat the system by reading one of our articles). Like many of the companies here, Ultimate Software also cultivates a 'people-first culture' in its workplace. A Glassdoor reviewer said that he expressed doubts about whether this was true, but found the claim genuine when he started working there. Strong work-life balance and 100-percent employer-paid healthcare make the company a more enticing place to be.

4. World Wide Technology

World Wide Technology considers honesty, humility, and integrity as its core values. The company encourages cross-training between departments so that one team can have a deeper appreciation for the work that other teams do, and the executive team makes itself available to concerns big and small, according to an employee. "They are very level-headed and down-to-earth people who put the company before themselves," the employee continued. Good work ethic and attitude are some of the qualities embodied by the people working at the company.

3. HubSpot

Sales and marketing software company HubSpot goes the extra mile to keep employees happy. Check out these benefits: unlimited vacation, flexible work hours, 12 weeks paid maternity and four-week paid paternity leave, low healthcare co-pays, and for the physically active, there are onsite gym classes to enjoy. The company cites its 'own culture code' as the reason it's a constant high ranking in many Best Places to Work in Tech lists. The company updates its culture code regularly to keep up with the ever-evolving tech world.

2. Google

To say that Google has evolved and expanded from its beginnings as a search engine site is a gross understatement-the company has seemingly managed to encroach itself into every aspect of modern life, including business, education, automotive, and more. The secret to Google's success lies in its ability to find the best persons for the job (Perhaps you've heard of the infamous questions that Google's applicants? If not, click here). Now if you've been picked by Google, lucky you, because you get to enjoy one of the highest paying tech jobs in the world, discounts on almost everything, generous leaves for parents, and of course, free food.

1. Facebook

If nothing else, working for Mark Zuckerberg sounds like a good enough reason to work at Facebook, but more than that, the social network's employees count the fact that their work can change the lives of billions of people all over the world in literally an instant as one of the greatest attractions of their jobs. Additionally, Facebook also encourages and empowers its workers to wield influence regardless of what their position is in the company. For the 10 years that Glassdoor has been doing its survey, Facebook has been crowned number one for a staggering total of three years. An employee says that the people working there genuinely believe in the good that they are contributing to the world. And when the company does well, it makes sure the workers are rewarded for their efforts.

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