How to Manage Jobs You Saved on LinkedIn

More than just a business-centric social media platform, LinkedIn has evolved into an all-encompassing tool that serves the wide-ranging workforce needs of different-sized organizations.

With over 160 million users in the US alone, and with more than 30 million companies using the site, it’s no surprise that a large percentage of those working in the human resources industry rely on LinkedIn to source and hire candidates.

For recruiters and HR managers, it has become a useful application for finding the right candidates to fill a position. Likewise, its role in helping a lot of job seekers find their dream jobs cannot be overstated.

Suffice to say, regardless of what position you may hold in a company, be it the CEO, manager, or simply a member of the labor force, you’ll find LinkedIn to be an invaluable asset in reaching your career or business goals.

Of course, LinkedIn is first and foremost a job-hunting site, and its many features are geared toward this end. Among its key uses, it allows job finders to ‘save’ a job that they’re interested in, and even manage these LinkedIn saved jobs for use later.

Saving and Managing Jobs on LinkedIn

So how do you go about managing the saved jobs on LinkedIn that you’re interested in? Here’s what you need to do.

LinkedIn saved jobs for Desktop Users

After searching for a job position, saving it is easy as clicking the ‘Save’ button on the job details page. As for how to find saved jobs on LinkedIn desktop site, here’s your step-by-step guide on what to do:

Linkedin saved jobs

How to view saved jobs on LinkedIn

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • Click ‘Jobs’ at the top of your account dashboard.
  • Click the ‘Track My Jobs’ button right above the search bar at the top of the dashboard to view saved jobs LinkedIn.

How to find saved jobs on LinkedIn and apply for a job

If you want to apply to one of your saved jobs, go to your ‘Saved Jobs’ list, click on one of the items, view the job details and start the application process.

How to see saved jobs on LinkedIn and unsave a job

If you want to remove an item from your saves, simply click the ‘Cancel’ icon on the right side of the job title. Alternatively, you can also click the job and click the ‘Unsave’ button found at the top of the job details page.

LinkedIn saved jobs for Mobile Users

Now that you know where to find saved jobs on LinkedIn desktop, what about your mobile phone? Different phones have different operating systems, which can have setups that are totally unique from one another. With that in mind, here’s how Android and iOS users can manage LinkedIn saved jobs function on their phones.

LinkedIn saved jobs on Android

To save a job:

  • Just tap ‘Save’ on the job details page and you’re done.

To access saved jobs Linkedin:

  • Tap the ‘Jobs’ icon, the one that looks like a suitcase on your LinkedIn mobile app.
  • Tap the ‘Saved Jobs’ button right under the search bar.
  • On the ‘Jobs’ tab, tap the job you want to open.

To unsave a job:

  • Tap the More icon next to job, the one that appears as three vertically aligned dots. Once there, find the ‘Unsave This Job’ button, and tap it.

LinkedIn saved jobs on iOS

To save a job:

  • Similar to Android, on the iOS LinkedIn app, you can save a job by tapping ‘Save’ on the job details page.

To access saved jobs Linkedin:

  • Tap the ‘Jobs’ icon, the one that looks like a suitcase on your LinkedIn mobile app
  • Tap the ‘Saved Jobs’ button right under the search bar
  • On the ‘Jobs’ tab, tap the job you want to open

To unsave a job:

  • Here lies the only difference between the Linked In saved jobs function on Android and iOS. While the latter’s ‘More’ icon appears as three vertically aligned dots, the one on iOS appear as three horizontal dots. From there, the functions remain the same. Simply tap on the ‘More’ icon and tap ‘Unsave This Job’ from the menu.

Using LinkedIn Effectively to Get a Job

In addition to managing your saved jobs Linkedin effectively, there are plenty of other ways you can maximize LinkedIn to your advantage and secure your next position.

Keep your profile updated

LinkedIn profiles that contain a profile picture get 14 percent more page views than those that don’t. Likewise, profiles with a list of skills have a 13 percent chance of attracting more eyes than those without. Make it a point to update your page at least once every three months to remain relevant to your audience and stay ahead of your competition.

Showcase your skills strategically

LinkedIn allows users to list up to 50 skills, which is usually more than what most companies need in an employee. In organizing your list, choose the skills that are most relevant to your current job and the one you want next.

Do the same for your experiences

You want your relevant experiences immediately evident to anyone viewing your page, so aside from filling up the Work Experience tab with your past job positions, it can also be smart to work in some of them into your profile summary section. Write your summary in a way that tells a compelling story about your personal career growth.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you will find this guide useful in locating those jobs you saved and using them to your full advantage. Good luck getting that interview!

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