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When it comes to something you’ve created or worked very hard on, it’s easy to miss your creation’s shortcomings. That’s why everyone can use the help of an objective eye to evaluate the work they’ve done. Especially when it comes to your resume—you may think that there’s nothing wrong with it, but unless you have an expert resume reviewer take a look at it, you’ll never know how it could be damaging your application in more ways than one. It wouldn’t hurt to use a free resume review service like what we offer here at Resumeble.

5 reasons you might need a free review resume

Many people think they don’t need to have their resume reviewed—that they can submit their application straight away to a potential employer. Unfortunately, not everyone is born to be a resume writer, and those who fail to see their resume’s shortcomings—such as formatting mistakes, grammatical errors, vague information, and overall uninspired writing—will often see their application passed over for someone else’s. With this in mind, here are five possible reasons when it behooves you to use a free resume review, like what we offer here at Resumeble.

5 reasons to use free resume review service

1. Your resume is too generic

If your resume isn’t specific about your skills, experiences, and achievements, you can bet that recruiters and hiring managers won’t be interested in reading it. For example, your resume could simply state that you have “years of experience in IT,” but doesn’t really identify the exact type of experience you possess. To improve your resume, you’ll need to specify your past roles and responsibilities, the exact length of your experience (months, years, etc.), and precisely how your hard work helped the company achieve its goals.

With Resumeble’s free resume review, we will help you identify particular sections in your resume that make your statements appear bland and boring. We will then provide helpful feedback to help you make your words appear more attractive and enticing to readers.

2. Your resume doesn’t offer measurable results

To make your resume pop, you need to quantify your accomplishments and explain how your contributions brought about measurable results for your employer. Below are examples of unquantified and quantified statements for resumes.

Unquantified: Helped new recruits get accustomed to their job.

Quantified: Trained new recruits to achieve full productivity in two weeks’ time.

Unquantified: Developed lasting relationships with clients.

Quantified: Developed long-term working client relationships that paved the way for three successive Salesperson of the Year awards from the dealership.

By quantifying your achievements, you highlight your abilities in prior positions, effectively conveying your professional value to potential employers. Simply put, if you want to leave a strong impression on recruiters and hiring professionals, you can’t miss out on quantifying your accomplishments on your resume.

3. Your summary fails to excite

Your resume serves as your introduction to potential employers, and for sure, you don’t want that introduction to be lackluster, overly lengthy, or downright confusing. You want your summary to be concise while also packing a powerful impact. Here are a few crucial tips for an impressive resume summary:

• Use action verbs

• Include information about your skills, accomplishments, and work history

• Use relevant keywords

Resumeble’s free resume review service can identify unclear, misleading, and passive statements that need improvement so that you can transform your resume into a clearer, more focused application.

4. The entire document is poorly formatted

Fonts, margins, bullet points, section arrangement—all of these can affect your resume’s readability. When a resume is poorly formatted, it can make your application—and yourself—look slapdash, sloppy, and amateur. Some formatting tips to remember:

• Keep your fonts and font sizes uniform. If you use bold 14-point Calibri font in the first section title, then the rest of the section titles must be formatted in the same way.

• Separate different points with bullets to avoid large, hard-to-read text blocks

• Use the employer’s recommended format, whether it’s .pdf, .png, or .docx, for example.

A poorly formatted resume is likely to end up in the recycle bin before anyone can read its contents. Especially with many organizations today using automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen applications, it’s more important than ever to ensure proper formatting when writing a resume. Resumeble’s free resume review service will focus on making your resume readable and visually appealing without letting the overall design be a distraction.

5. Your resume doesn’t contain the right keywords

Speaking of ATS, the way these systems work is they look for specific matching keywords, so unless your resume’s content is tailored to contain exact keywords as they appear in the job description, the application you’ve worked so hard to complete will likely never be seen by the eyes of a human.

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Resumeble’s free resume review service can identify if your resume contains relevant keywords that the ATS will search for depending on the job position, company, and industry you’re applying for, so these automated systems will view you as a good candidate for the job.

A high-quality review resume service can be an important stepping stone toward sending the perfect resume. When we review your resume, we will not only identify your application’s weak points but also provide useful insights that will prove instrumental in developing your resume into an application that will not only pass an ATS screen but also grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

Resumeble offers our resume review free of charge. Send us your resume today to take advantage of our totally free, no-obligation evaluation.

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