Resume Buzzwords to Add to Your Latest Documents

These days, it’s not enough to just have an impressive or extensive resume–you need to be able to beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and impress hiring managers too. This is where resume buzzwords come into play. With the right language and content, your resume can grab the attention of top recruiters and companies everywhere.

If the goal is to make your resume stand out, buzzwords should be something you use in the document. But how do you create an impressive and optimized resume without being too overwhelming? Is it even possible to optimize your resume without using cliches and buzzwords?

In this article, we teach you the tips and tricks on using resume buzzwords and how you should structure content to seamlessly integrate them in your resume.

What are resume buzzwords?

Resume buzzwords refer to terms, phrases, and common words that are used to boost and highlight your application. These buzzwords aim to gain the attention of hiring managers as they review thousands of candidates during the hiring process. Buzzwords are intended to make you stand out using purposeful and dynamic language. For this reason, experts also call them “power words”.

An important thing to note is that buzzwords for resumes aren't tied to a particular industry or role. Due to their versatility, optimizing a resume using these buzzwords is quite easy. Whether you're in marketing, medicine, or finance, the same buzzwords can leave a positive impact on your document.

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Are buzzwords important for your resume?

The short answer–yes.

Buzzwords in a resume accomplish two goals:

  1. The words get the attention of hiring managers and recruiters; and
  2. The words ensure that your resume passes the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

When hiring, many ATS discard resumes that are missing keywords and phrases. By adding in resume buzzwords, you make sure that hiring managers and recruiters view your application. Basically, you ensure that your document goes beyond the automated elimination.

Adding in buzzwords also appeals to recruiters because of the image they create. Since you only have a limited number of pages to fit your skills, experience, and accomplishments, these power words help you express your personality and put your best foot forward without being too long.

How do you use buzzwords in your resume?

As job markets and recruitment become more competitive, resume writing services have become more common. Depending on your industry, role, and experience, the type of resume you’ll need will be different. However, the practice of adding good buzzwords for your resume will be something every skilled writer will advise.

So how do you use resume buzzwords?

A good rule of thumb is to add these buzzwords whenever you can. Whether you’re working on your profile, work experience, or skills, power words create a more dynamic image for your story. With the right buzzwords, you easily give your resume more depth and information.

Here are three parts that you should absolutely use resume buzzwords in:

  1. Past Work Experience: If you have worked in the same industry beforehand, your bread and butter is usually your work experience. Adding in buzzwords to describe your responsibilities, accomplishments, and even working personality makes this section more measurable and objective.
  2. Leadership Experience: Managers should use good buzzwords that show their management style and leadership in their resume. This allows them to showcase wins, responsibilities, and competencies that they’ve learned and exhibited over the years with their different teams.
  3. Achievements and Skills: Any highlights in your resume should be accompanied by appropriate keywords to show hiring managers your skills and personality. While it’s tempting to simply narrate such things, a document that uses personable and measurable language to highlight their biggest wins is bound to attract the attention of more hiring managers and companies.

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Essential resume buzzwords and their variations

There are many resume buzzwords–and their corresponding variations–that you can use to give your resume a makeover. Depending on your message, role, and goals, most buzzword variations can be used for most resumes. Below are some of the most common buzzwords you can use based on the message you want to convey:

Leadership and Management

These words are best used when describing leadership positions in a team:

  1. Managed
  2. Influenced
  3. Guided
  4. Supervised
  5. Hired
  6. Inspired
  7. Facilitate
  8. Enabled
  9. Directed
  10. Maintained
  11. Cultivated
  12. Trained
  13. Taught
  14. Aligned

Customer Relations

These words are best used when describing client-facing or customer relationship management roles

  1. Consulted
  2. Advised
  3. Resolved
  4. Informed

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Finances and Liaisons

These words are best used when describing any activity related to finance management and fund acquisitions for clients and projects:

  1. Negotiated
  2. Partnered
  3. Secured
  4. Acquired
  5. Forged
  6. Consolidated
  7. Deducted
  8. Conserved
  9. Decreased
  10. Reduced
  11. Yielded
  12. Diagnosed
  13. Lessened

Project Management

These words are best used to describe project management highlights and accomplishments:

  1. Operated
  2. Controlled
  3. Oversaw
  4. Produced
  5. Coordinated
  6. Programmed
  7. Organized
  8. Executed
  9. Planned


These words are best used when describing content creation and brainstorming projects for any industry:

  1. Built
  2. Designed
  3. Created
  4. Formed
  5. Devised
  6. Founded
  7. Established
  8. Initiated
  9. Assembled
  10. Implemented
  11. Incorporated
  12. Pioneered
  13. Launched

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Research and Optimization

These words best fit when used to describe research and optimization projects:

  1. Evaluated
  2. Analyzed
  3. Interpreted
  4. Assessed
  5. Mapped
  6. Investigated
  7. Explored
  8. Measured
  9. Discovered
  10. Qualified
  11. Examined
  12. Audited
  13. Calculated
  14. Quantified
  15. Surveyed
  16. Tested
  17. Achieved
  18. Boosted
  19. Accelerated
  20. Advanced
  21. Expanded
  22. Delivered
  23. Generated
  24. Gained
  25. Enhanced
  26. Improved
  27. Amplified
  28. Maximized
  29. Stimulated
  30. Sustained
  31. Clarified
  32. Centralized
  33. Redesigned
  34. Merged
  35. Customized
  36. Integrated
  37. Converted
  38. Refined
  39. Replaced
  40. Updated
  41. Refocused
  42. Upgraded
  43. Reorganized
  44. Restructured
  45. Transformed
  46. Volunteered
  47. Remodeled
  48. Simplified
  49. Strengthened
  50. Modernized


These words are best used when highlighting your communication skills:

  1. Conveyed
  2. Defined
  3. Authored
  4. Critiqued
  5. Corresponded
  6. Composed
  7. Documented
  8. Counseled
  9. Edited
  10. Persuaded
  11. Illustrated
  12. Lobbied
  13. Promoted
  14. Publicized
  15. Reviewed

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Skills and Achievements

These words are best used when quantifying or measuring skills, achievements, and other project highlights:

  1. Adept
  2. Proficient
  3. Savvy
  4. Primed
  5. Prepared
  6. Dexterous
  7. Fluent

Resume cliches and overused buzzwords to avoid

One of the most common things we see in our free resume review is a repetitive and boring application. This doesn’t mean that the person is not impressive! But their document certainly isn’t optimized for the competitive job market of today. For these resumes, one of the biggest problems is the use of resume cliches and overused words to avoid.

The most overused buzzwords for many resumes are:

  1. Specialize
  2. Experienced
  3. Skilled
  4. Leadership
  5. Passionate
  6. Expert
  7. Motivated
  8. Creative
  9. Strategic
  10. Focused

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Boosting your resume doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. Adding resume buzzwords and power phrases is a simple, yet effective way to make your document more effective and optimized. The best part? It doesn’t have to delete any skills and achievements that you’re particularly proud of!

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