How to Stand Out and How to Catch
HR’s Eye with Your Resume.

One Corporate Job Opening Receives 300 Applications on Average: How to Stand Out

You’ve probably had someone tell you that sending your application online is an exercise in futility. There’s some truth to this advice, especially if you’re applying for a corporate job at a global company that accepts applications from around the world. The biggest companies can receive upwards of 1000+ applications per role, which means you can be competing with that many people for a job.

Nevertheless, a fierce competition is never a good reason to forgo sending out application altogether. The trick is to make yourself stand-out, and your resume gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. You need to learn how to successfully ‘sell’ yourself with your resume. Think of it as your most important tool for getting your qualifications noticed and securing interviews.

How to catch HR’s eye

The best way to grab the attention of the HR manager is to have your resume project an image of a confident and competent job candidate. Aside from showcasing that you have the desired skill set and experience, you also need to use powerful words that convey your true value to recruiters. Make them believe that you see challenges in a positive light. Review your skills and achievements carefully so that your most marketable qualifications are easily visible at a glance.

How to make your resume stand out without screaming for attention

For your resume to be effective, you need to master the art of ‘humblebrag.’ Does your resume have a section on accomplishments or awards? If it doesn’t, you’ll need to add one. If it does, you have to make sure it quantifies your successes with hard, concrete numbers that leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager. Let the numbers speak for themselves, and it won’t even look like you’re boasting.

What to include on your resume

Whether you’re a professional with years of experience or a fresh college grad, your resume should possess these key features:

  • Personal details
  • Accomplishments
  • Work experience
  • Key Skills
  • Education

Aside from ensuring that these essential ingredients are present, you must also tailor and tweak the contents of your resume so that each and every piece of information is relevant to the job you’re applying for.

What to avoid on your resume

It’s very easy to commit grievous mistakes in your resume if you don’t know how to go about the proper way of crafting it. Common pitfalls to avoid when writing a resume include:

  • Typographical and grammatical errors
  • Lack of focus
  • Absence of specific and/or quantifiable information
  • Highlighting daily duties instead of actual accomplishments
  • Concentrating on adjectives instead of action verbs

A poorly written resume can cause massive irreparable damage to your application, so avoiding these mistakes is crucial.

A professional writer can help your resume stand out

Your next job depends a lot on how well your resume is written. That said, crafting the perfect resume is no walk in the park, and so it can be in your best interest to entrust the task to a professional resume writer.

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