TOP 8 Tips on How to Write a Resume in 2022

Resume writing is far from a static or two-dimensional practice. In fact, like a true art form, it evolves with the times, so trends may work in the past may no longer be effective in today’s job market environment. If your resume fails to keep up with the times, you could soon find your application filed away in favor of another candidate. If you want to get hired quickly next year, here are eight “worth it” tips on how to write a resume in 2022.

How to Write a Resume in 2022 - infographic

1. Include a LinkedIn profile

Potential employers will want to know more about you beyond your resume. Make the research easier for them by including a link to your LinkedIn profile in your resume. As the social media platform of choice for professionals, LinkedIn has become an essential component in how to write a resume. By linking your LinkedIn account, you allow interested recruiters to learn more about you and make it easier to confirm that you are a good fit for the company. So make sure your LinkedIn profile is polished and professional, then attach a working link to your resume heading.

2. Write a compelling summary

Yes, you’re supposed to showcase your accomplishments in your resume summary, but you don’t want to sound too arrogant, otherwise, your resume will only serve to annoy rather than impress. It’s all about mastering how to ‘humblebrag’, a method of how to write a resume wherein you communicate your achievements in a confident instead of a conceited manner.

3. How to write an objective for a resume

Writing a summary objective is one of the most challenging aspects of resume writing. To make your summary compelling, it has to provide three key pieces of information:

• The challenges you resolved

• The skills you used

• The results you achieved

Focus on answering these before you start developing your resume summary objective. If you find it difficult how to write an objective for your resume relating to your qualifications and achievements, an expert resume writer like the ones we have here at Resumeble can help you develop the right words to say this coming 2022.

4. Quantify your achievements

One effective way to humblebrag is to let numbers do the talking for you. Good numbers immediately tell potential employers how effective you’ve been at your previous roles and responsibilities. Use percentages, statistics, and ratios to help them understand your work performance better. For instance, instead of simply saying that you “managed a team,” you can say something like “led a team of five in planning and executing skills monthly training seminars that boosted employee retention by 45 percent and profits by 25 percent.”

Here are further examples of how to quantify your achievements this 2022.

• Developed and launched a Mathematics curriculum that resulted in a 92 percent passing rate for students, while helping them achieve a 4.5 average on AP testing.

• Oversaw five-man HR staff responsible for upholding the relationships, retention and production of 450 employees.

• Introduced innovative policies that yielded a 20 percent year-on-year profitability improvement for the company.

5. Make it two pages long

Though the one-page resume is still the widely accepted format, more and more recruiters and hiring managers are preferring application papers to be two pages long, with a prominent career expert calling it “the new norm.” Not only that, recruiters today are more inclined to read resumes that are two pages in length, study showed.

Especially if you have plenty of relevant work experience, a two-page resume should provide you with enough space to expound on your skills and experience and provide concrete, quantifiable examples. Of course, not everyone will benefit from a two-page resume—recent graduates, those with lengthy employment gaps, and career changers will still be better off limiting their resume to just one page.

6. Use modern font and formatting

Are you still using the Times New Roman font for your resume? You could very well be killing your chances of getting interviewed or hired. This 2022, using modern fonts and formatting not only gives your application a youthful vibe, it also tells the reader that you are excited about your career. Some of the best modern fonts to use on your resume include Avenir, Garamond, Avant Garde, and of course, Calibri.

With regards to format, the safe bet is to list your work experience in reverse chronological order, beginning with your latest job role. Try to strike a good balance between print and white space to give your resume a neat and orderly appearance, and practice proper use of sections to effectively sort out details and information.

7. Use similar keywords as the job posting

Now more than ever, it’s important to write prominent words and phrases in your resume exactly as they appear in the job posting. Today’s businesses are increasingly relying on automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) to shortlist resume applications, which rely mainly on keywords. Unless these systems detect specific terms in your resume, they will think that you don’t have the qualifications sought after by the company, and your application will end up getting rejected.

To avoid this particular problem on how to write a resume, comb over the job posting thoroughly for important keywords, and use them “as is” in your resume. Of course, you shouldn’t include skills and experience that you don’t have. Ultimately, you want every piece of info to be honest and accurate as possible.

8. Tailor for the job

Sending out a generic resume will only hurt your chances of getting hired. You need to make sure your resume is customized solely for the job and company you’re applying to. And once again, to customize your resume successfully, you’ll have to thoroughly research the job requirements, making sure to only include information that is relevant to the job in question. Additionally, make an effort to use words that clearly describe and define your expertise, qualifications, and skills. This will help get your resume over the hurdle of getting shortlisted as the HR people assess the value of your resume.

Want more resume writing tips for next year?

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