Networking in the Digital Age: Tips to Increase Connections on LinkedIn

Professionals use LinkedIn for job search, researching potential employers, keeping up-to-date on industry news, and building their professional networks. With the right strategy, this platform is a great place to engage with fellow professionals and potentially expand your career. However, to do this, you must build a strong LinkedIn profile and actively try to seek out opportunities.

So, if you already have an account, don’t let your LinkedIn profile gather dust! Build your professional network online. See who you should connect with and learn how to build LinkedIn connections.

Who Should Be in Your LinkedIn Connection?

“ABC – Always be connecting.”

This is an old saying that still applies today. Networking remains a vital part of business and professional development. It allows professionals to interact and build relationships with others from different professions, industries, and cultures. It helps broaden perspectives as much as it can bring a variety of opportunities.

In the past, networking involved attending seminars and parties, mingling with people, and then possibly exchanging business cards. Today, LinkedIn allows professionals to connect with others from all around the world.

However, just because you can connect with anyone doesn’t mean you should. And this is not just because LinkedIn limited the number of connections and invitations anyone can send per week. The right connections can benefit your career -- whether it’s through sharing insightful articles or resources, inviting you to events, or offering opportunities.

Who should you connect with on LinkedIn, then?

  • Colleagues
  • Old colleagues
  • Former classmates
  • People you meet in events and conferences
  • Recruiters
  • Thought Leaders
  • Current and potential customers
  • Connectors (individuals who connect clients with businesses/service providers for their needs)
  • People who regularly interact with your posts

How to Build Connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has built a culture of connecting only with individuals you know, so people tend to be hesitant to accept connections from strangers. If you want to increase your connections on LinkedIn, you need to differentiate yourself from spammers and people who just want to sell things. Here’s how to expand your network on LinkedIn:

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

For starters, you need a complete and optimized LinkedIn profile. People would not want to connect with profiles without photos or any information about the individual behind them.

Show that you are a professional through your LinkedIn profile so acquaintances can remember you and strangers you want to connect with will not think you’re a spammer.

Start by completing the necessary details about your professional experience, add a headline and a summary of what you do and what you’ve accomplished, incorporate keywords related to your career, and add a presentable profile picture. You can hire our LinkedIn writing services to help you optimize your profile for networking and job search.

Once you’ve optimized your profile, promote it through other social media platforms to get people you know to connect with you.

Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are either open or exclusive communities for individuals with the same interests. Users can share content, ask or answer questions, look for job openings, and read about the latest industry trends.

You’ll find thousands of active groups on LinkedIn.

Joining, but more importantly, being active on LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry is a great way to establish your credibility as well as find like-minded individuals to network with. Join in on conversations in comment sections and fora to meet potential connections.

Write Engaging Content

One of the best ways to establish yourself as an authority in your field is to write content. You can share different types of content on LinkedIn, including articles, videos, and photos.

You may write thoughts about relevant topics in your industry, share tips, post about experiences and accomplishments, or discuss your insights. Be sure to write content that will resonate with your audience and optimize your posts with keywords, photos, or videos.

The more you post, the more people in those groups will eventually see you as a credible professional and likely send you invitations. You may also connect with individuals who frequently interact with your posts and comments to help you increase your LinkedIn connections.

Treat LinkedIn As a Content Platform

If you’re truly serious about building your LinkedIn network, you need people to find you and your posts. LinkedIn provides numerous tools to help you reach a wider audience and build a platform. Take advantage of these tools by first switching to Creator Mode, which should give you access to data and other tools.

Here are some things you can do:

  • If you want to post content regularly, you may write your content in advance and then use post automation.
  • The “Resources” section of your profile offers prompts and hashtags you can use on your profile and posts to boost visibility.
  • Keep track of top posts and use that data to inform your content strategy.
  • Connect with people who frequently interact with your posts.

Connect with People from Virtual Events

A lot of events and conferences nowadays are held online, which offers little space for conversing with other participants. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find connections through these events.

Take note of people who are active throughout the event or individuals you’ve interacted with. They are likely in your industry and in the same circle as you, so your invitation would likely be welcome and potentially beneficial.

Connect with In-Person Networks

In-person events are the traditional venue for networking, so ABC – Always Be Connecting when you’re outside. It’s not just conferences, seminars, and other business events; you can also find connections during your coffee runs. So, be ready!

More importantly, don’t be afraid to bring these in-person networks online, to LinkedIn. Connect with them so that they don’t forget about you.

Send Engaging Invitations

Once you find people to connect with, you can’t just hit the “Connect” button with LinkedIn’s generic message.

Make them remember you and want to build a connection with you. Mention how you met or something you have in common to establish rapport with them.

Building connections on LinkedIn doesn’t end there. Try to spark a conversation with them. This is how you build a relationship that could lead to opportunities in the future.

Expand Your Professional Network with a Strong LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a great platform to build your professional identity and network. Don’t limit your connections to people you know well. Optimize your profile and follow our guide on how to increase your LinkedIn connections to broaden your horizon and find more opportunities for professional growth.

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