A Guide on How to Successfully Get a Job in Another State

Finding a job at a different location requires hard work and dedication. It’s not impossible, but it doesn’t happen in one sitting. People seek employment elsewhere for various reasons, including:

  • Relocation
  • Your partner received a job offer in another city
  • Wanting to get closer to your loved ones
  • Seeking chances for career advancement
  • Desiring to switch careers

Whatever your reason, preparation is a must. So, if you’re conducting an out-of-state job search, this one is for you. In this article, we’ll discuss how to successfully apply for jobs in other states.

How to Find a Job in Another State

The first thing you should do before deciding to look for jobs in another state is to make sure you are 100% committed to doing so. Finding work in another state is a difficult decision that requires careful consideration. Now, if you’re deadset on getting a job in another state, follow these tips before moving there.

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  • Do Your Research

The first thing you need to learn about how to get a job in another state is to do research. Research is your best friend when it comes to making major life decisions. Your need to do research will depend on why you’re moving.

If your reason for moving is to join a partner who is already working there or to be near your family or friends, focus your efforts on learning about the following:

  • key industries in that area
  • job prospects in your industry
  • how your special skills and qualifications can set you apart from other applicants

Furthermore, if your objective is to secure a higher-paying position, investigate the most advantageous regions within the country for your industry. Consider factors such as the cost of living and average salary in each location. This assessment will assist you in determining the best location for your relocation. By doing so, you can effectively streamline your job search process by limiting your options to one or two places.

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  • Find Out if Your Current Employer Has Openings in Other Locations

If location is your top priority when looking for a job, see if there are any openings at your current employer before making the effort to apply for new positions out-of-state.

Before applying elsewhere, it is, however, always simpler and easier to speak with your manager or look at openings within your current employer. You could also ask them if they’re offering remote work, so you won’t have to apply to other businesses. Skip this process if you have other reasons for wanting to leave your company. If it doesn’t pan out, you can start knowing where to post your resume to find and apply for jobs in another state.

  • Subscribe to Email Lists

Take advantage of job sites that offer email newsletters about opportunities in particular locations to enhance your job search process. Once you’ve decided on your desired state, consider subscribing to one or more email lists. When you do this, you’ll receive regular updates on job postings directly in your inbox, enabling you to conveniently review and explore potential employment prospects. This proactive approach optimizes your job search out of state while keeping you informed of pertinent job opportunities.

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  • Utilize Your Network

Another way to learn how to find a job in another state is to use your connections. Check your professional contacts to see if you know anyone who lives in the area you want to live in. Stay in regular communication with them throughout your application and relocation preparations. Additionally, consider reaching out to your college alumni network to explore potential opportunities in your new state. Leverage alumni resources like job boards and networking platforms from your alma mater to discover job opportunities and build professional connections in your new city.

When you leverage your network and alumni resources, your job search will improve, and you’ll find suitable employment in your desired location.

  • Mention Why You’re Relocating in Your Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is one of the most essential skills a job seeker should have when looking for jobs. This document is used to introduce yourself and explain why you’re applying. The cover letter should also explain your reasons for moving. This will give the hiring manager an idea of why you’re getting a job in another state before moving there.

Explain why you’re moving to the new state in the first paragraph. Write confidently, and if possible, include a specific date when you expect to be in the new location full-time. Addressing this in your cover letter will also show that you have considered moving and are fully committed to finding another job.

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  • Review Your Resume

Before submitting your resume for your job search out of state, ensure that all the information included is true and accurate. By reviewing it before submission, you can make sure your resume always appears professional. If you’re unsure how to thoroughly review your resume, we can help you with that.

Resumeble offers a free resume review service that analyzes your document to see if it meets global resume writing standards. All you have to do is upload your resume, and expert analysts will review your document. This typically takes 36 to 48 hours, after which we will email you the reviewed resume.

  • Be Prepared to Discuss Why You’re Relocating

Besides preparing to answer tricky interview questions, you should also get ready to discuss why you’re moving to a new state. While you don't have to provide extensive personal information, sharing the reason for your move with hiring managers can help them assess your long-term commitment to the area. Your goal here is to put their minds at ease and demonstrate that you’re 100% committed to working for them and visiting their location.

Make a Seamless Out-Of-State Job Search With Resumeble

When job searching, it’s essential to equip yourself with the appropriate techniques and assets. Use our tips to have a seamless and well-executed job search out of state. This way, you can confidently pursue new employment opportunities and take the next step in your professional journey, no matter where you are located. Got questions? Connect with us today, and we’ll gladly help you with your resume.

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