​Skills to Acquire in 2018 to Beef Up Your Resume

Salaries are rising, but job vacancies are getting scarce. That means the competition can only get tougher for job applicants. So how exactly do you rise above the heap? The answer is by having skills that are in high demand this 2018.

We list 10 of the best skills that can help propel your resume. Add any of these skills to your arsenal and observe recruiters pine for you one after the other.

1. Data Analytics

We live in a data-driven world, but all that information is useless if they can’t be interpreted in a meaningful way. That’s why many companies are looking for applicants who can collect, organize, understand, and use data. A job in data analytics involves the examination of large amounts of data to find patterns, connections, and other insights that can be used for immediate and effective decisions. Simply put, data analytics gives companies an edge over the competition, and that’s why these jobs are popular.

2. Conflict Resolution

The ability to successfully manage and resolve conflict is an important quality to have for anyone. People have different personalities and values, so naturally, conflict can arise in almost any environment, including workspaces. A growing number of employers are looking for this particular soft skill because it’s a reliable indicator of maturity and leadership potential. These employers understand that conflict resolution skills help promote better cooperation, collaboration and teamwork in the workplace.

3. Web Development

“If you own a business, you’ve got to have a website.” This is practically basic truth in today’s digital age. As long as people need websites, there’s always going to be a need for a web developer. Knowing CSS HTML, JavaScript, and other similar web development program is a useful skill to have, and since businesses of all types can use a website, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll always find work.

4. Complex Problem Solving

Like conflict resolution, complex problem solving is another soft skill that will always remain relevant. Whether you are solving a problem for a client, for your team, or for the entire company, complex problem solving skills allow you to plan and implement solutions effectively an in a timely fashion with little to no difficulty. Showing hiring managers that you have great problem solving abilities can make you a considerably more eye-catching job candidate.

5. Project Management

As the name suggests, project managers are individuals in charge of a specific project or projects within an organization. It is the job of the project manager to plan, budget, oversee, and document every aspect of the project assigned to him or her, among other responsibilities. The job involves managing people with different personalities and skillsets across different departments, and that’s what makes this job equally stressful and exciting. Project management jobs are in high demand, but the right people are hard to find.

6. Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—social media sites have now become essential to commercial organizations for maintaining a competitive edge. These channels are changing the way people do business, and so knowing how to use these tools effectively for business purposes can pay off handsomely for a job applicant. Unfortunately, even though the numbers are growing every year, many job seekers are still not taking advantage of social media’s huge marketing potential. Develop your social media skills, highlight them in your resume and during the interview, and you’ll have a clear advantage over candidates that have a limited familiarity of the subject.

7. Artificial Intelligence

From autonomous cars to smart electricity grids, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world us on a fundamental level. AI and its relative technologies—such as industrial robots and machine learning—are advancing at a rapid pace, and the demand is so strong that educators are no longer able to keep up. That said, there’s no question that well-prepared workers are the ones that will be able to carry on and succeed in the race with AI tools.

8. Coding

A growing number of companies are relying on computer code to streamline business processes, and not just in the technology sector. And so computer programmers can just as easily find work in tech firms such as Apple or Google just as they could in a manufacturing plant or hospital. Coding has become a core competency that boosts a candidate’s chances of getting hired. If you’re looking for your way into a high paying career, then learning how to code could just be the opportunity you’re looking for.

9. Microsoft Excel

Many consider Microsoft Excel as the most powerful and useful desktop tool ever built. Simply put, it’s chockfull of features and tools that people can use to run not only a department, but an entire business if need be. From basic mathematical operations to pivot tables and dashboards and more, there’s just so many things that Excel can do. You can even code with it! True, there’s Google Sheets and other alternatives, but for sheer functionality, there’s simply no substitute for Excel. Place “Proficient in Microsoft Excel” in your resume and you could have those job interviews lining up.

10. Email Marketing

Regardless of how many times people have proclaimed the death of the email, it remains an essential part of the marketing strategy of businesses big and small. Email was, is, and always will be an effective way for organizations to engage and communicate with their audience, and so email marketing skills are among the most important attributes that a job applicant can have.

These are the skills that employers and recruiters are increasingly looking for in their candidates. If you’re interested to learn any of them, there are plenty of online courses that can teach you the skills listed here. Conduct research, check reviews, compare pricing on these courses to get your money’s worth. Once you’ve selected your course, dedicate yourself to learning and improving the skill/s that you believe best applies to you, and your resume will look that much more attractive in the eyes of employers and recruiters in your target industry.

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